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Pet-G Shrink Film Usage Areas

Pet-G Sgrink Film Usage Areas

PETG has applications in a range of industries due to being resistant to heat, impact and solvents. It is widely used for packaging (both retail and medical), advertising displays and electronic insulators.

It is also widely used in 3D printing since the glycol prevents the problems associated with PET, such as overheating and becoming cloudy and fragile. It is also possible to sterilise PETG items. With good adhesion between layers, minimal deformation during printing, good resistance in low temperature environments, chemical resistance against bases and acids, and an absence of odour while printing, PETG is becoming the favoured material for 3D printing.

polyethylene terephthalate glycol is ideal for producing parts that are flexible with a good resistance to shock, such as pressure-clad items, protective parts or food containers.


Available for simple multiple contours

high shoulder narrow neck containers

Home Care

High performance surface for enhanced

printability allows multiple graphic



Can be tailored to prevent labels from

distorting or "smiling"

during the shrink process


Available with fluorescent optical

brightener for automatic detection

scanning requirements


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