PetG Heat Global Supplier of PetG Shrink Sleeve Film


Our Mission

To supply Petg shrink sleeve film which was optimized, according to the demands in the flexible packaging industry.


Our Vision

To provide sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions in line with the current needs of the packaging industry.

Our Stroy

Our Story

MagGroup, which has been in the label and packaging sector since 1978, first started its commercial activities by establishing Elektromag Makine A.Ş in Istanbul Topcular district. In line with the needs of the sector, he established Etimag Etiket A.Ş  for the production of Sleeve label products, which is a new technology for Turkey.
It produces and R&D of bottle usncrambler, filling machines, capping machines, labeling machines, sleeve machines & steam tunnels and packaging machines.
Etimag ;
It manufactures and sells storage bottles for sectors such as Shrink Sleeve, Safety Tape, Preform Sleeve, Promotional Sleeve, OPP Spiral Label, Self-adhesive label, pharmaceutical etc.
MagGroup, which produces value-added products for the Label - Packaging Industry, has increased its initiatives and established Plasmag on 02.10.2020.


Elektromag Makine

Elektromag Makine started to manufacture in a workshop in Topçular in 1978 and continues to grow and develop with a portfolio of more than 1000 customers. Today, it is among the companies that direct the ''Turkish Packaging Machinery'' sector with its factory established on a closed area of 14000m² in Çerkezköy OSB and over 100 experienced employees.
Production solutions and customizable machinery are produced at Elektromag Makine, which is under the roof of MAG Group.

Etimag Etiket

Etimag is a leading printer, converter and manufacturer that specializes in shrink sleeve applications. As one of the few companies in the industry that manufactures its own PVC film, we provide end-to-end services from artwork design to manufacturing of shrink sleeves and sleeve equipment to its global client base since 1998.

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