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Who Are We ?

 "Join the recycling chain" 

Innovations for our planet... 

As Plasmag Plastik family, our first goal is; with our customers from all over the world; 

To produce solutions for the safe packaging of beverage, home care, cosmetics and health products. We trust our products and solutions.

We rely on our products and solutions for the safe packaging of beverages, home care, cosmetics

 and health products. 
We set out with the idea of ​​"ZERO" waste that supply with the expectations of the future, and we

 create innovative and sustainable products with you, our valued customers. 

Due to our respect for the environment, we recycle our wastes originating from our

own internal process and include them in our internal process. 

Thus, we incorporate you, as our valued customers, in the recycling chain...


Our Story

MagGroup, which has been in the label and packaging sector since 1978, first started its commercial activities by establishing Elektromag Makine A.Ş in Istanbul. In line with the needs of the sector, he established Etimag Etiket A.Ş  for the production of Sleeve label products, which is a new technology for Turkey.
It produces and R&D of bottle usncrambler, filling machines, capping machines, labeling machines, sleeve machines & steam tunnels and packaging machines.
Etimag ;
It manufactures and sells storage bottles for sectors such as Shrink Sleeve, Safety Tape, Preform Sleeve, Promotional Sleeve, OPP Spiral Label, Self-adhesive label, pharmaceutical etc.
MagGroup, which produces value-added products for the Label - Packaging Industry, has increased its initiatives and established Plasmag on 02.10.2020.

Our Story

Integrated Policy

As Plasmag, our policy is to provide service by closely following technological developments, using our knowledge and experience in a way that is sensitive to people and the environment, and prioritizing quality and customer satisfaction.

For the stable growth of our company; To work with all our strength in line with the principles of Total Quality Management and to meet the demands and expectations of our customers with efficient energy use, to raise the working and living standards of our employees, to create customers loyal to our brand without compromising our reliability and quality, to protect the environment we live in, and to implement OHS practices at the highest level.

By complying with the applicable standards and legislation regarding quality, environment and OHS, ensuring energy efficiency and savings for a more sustainable life, preventing environmental pollution, increasing environmental performance, preventing the occurrence of work accidents, providing safe and healthy working environments, reducing risks and One of our main goals is to constantly be better by ensuring the participation of our employees in all our activities.

Managers within Plasmag are responsible for ensuring the safe and healthy work of employees, providing the necessary resources, monitoring and improving working conditions, eliminating identified unsafe conditions, and all employees are committed to implementing and developing the principles of the Occupational Health and Safety policy.

Our Mission

To supply Petg shrink sleeve film which was optimized, according to the demands in the flexible packaging industry.

Our Vision

To provide sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions in line with the current needs of the packaging industry.

Vizyon & Missyon

The First Turkish PET-G Shrink Sleeve Film
Brand in Global Market...

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