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Turkish Plasmag Plastik Film sucessfully starts new Brückner line (PetG Shrink Sleeve Film Line)

PetG Shrink Sleeve Film Production Line

Etimag (Istanbul, Türkiye) is a leading global printer, converter and manufacturer that specializes in A-grade shrink sleeve solutions: security bands, shrink & preform sleeves, OPP labels, pressure-sensitive labels and many more. From the early days, company founder Mehmet H. Okur had in mind to produce PET shrink film on their own line, in constant high quality and independent from any import. Therefore, the subsidiary company PlasMag Plastik Film Ambalaj Sanayi was founded. And this summer the aspired backward integration became complete reality by putting on stream a 4.2m wide, 3-layer inline PET-G line from Brückner Maschinenbau, ready to produce monoaxially oriented shrink films from 20 to 80 µm. Mehmet H. Okur says: “We really had a lot of profound discussions in our family about this investment. But now we are all totally happy with our decision for a state-of-the-art line and particularly with the high-quality films it produces. Our customers are also enthusiastic because we have been able to increase the quality of our labels and sleeves once again. That’s why we are already thinking about another project together with Brückner.” Murat Derin, Senior Sales Manager at Brückner Maschinenbau adds: „Thanks to the full commitment and good cooperation of both commissioning teams, we were able to master the challenges typical for a newcomer very well. Finally, the line went on stream smoothly – a beautiful joint success.”

The First Turkish PetG Shrink Sleeve Film brand in global market...

PetG Shirnk Sleeve Film Production for Brückner Machinery


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